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Packages that use System
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor Provides for Bogor command-line interface (CLI) and configuration. 
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast Provides for Bogor input language AST. 
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.parser Provides parser for Bogor input language. 
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.symboltable Provides for Bogor symbol table. 

Uses of System in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor with parameters of type System
static SymbolTable Bogor.getSymbolTable(IBogorConfiguration bc, Properties configuration, String sourceFilename, System compilationUnit, List<String> parserErrors, PrintWriter pw, boolean applyTransformers)

Uses of System in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast that return System
 System System.clone()
          Clones this object (deep clone); including location info.
 System SystemMember.getParent()
          Gets the parent of this object.

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast with parameters of type System
 void SystemMember.setParent(System newParent)
          Sets the parent of this object.
protected  void ASTVisitor.visitSystem(System node)

Uses of System in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast.transform

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast.transform with parameters of type System
 ITransformSystemResult BIRUnitSystemTransformer.transformSystem(System ast, Properties configuration, IBogorConfiguration bc, SymbolTable st, boolean dryRun)
 ITransformSystemResult HighToLowBIRCompiler.transformSystem(System ast, Properties configuration, IBogorConfiguration bc, SymbolTable st, boolean dryRun)
 ITransformSystemResult ISystemTransformer.transformSystem(System ast, Properties configuration, IBogorConfiguration bc, SymbolTable st, boolean dryRun)
          Destructively update the syntax tree ast.
protected  void HighToLowBIRCompiler.visitSystem(System node)

Uses of System in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.parser

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.parser that return System
 System BogorParser.System()

Uses of System in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.symboltable

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.symboltable that return System
 System SymbolTable.getSystem()
          Gets the AST of the system.

Constructors in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.symboltable with parameters of type System
SymbolTable(String filename, System system)
          Default constructor