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Packages that use UnaryOp
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast Provides for Bogor input language AST. 
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module Provide a generic framework for dataflow analysis on BIR transition systems. 

Uses of UnaryOp in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast that return UnaryOp
 UnaryOp UnaryExp.getUnaryOp()
          Gets the unary operator.
static UnaryOp UnaryOp.valueOf(String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static UnaryOp[] UnaryOp.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they're declared.

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast with parameters of type UnaryOp
 void UnaryExp.setUnaryOp(UnaryOp newUnaryOp)
          Sets the unary operator.

Constructors in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast with parameters of type UnaryOp
UnaryExp(UnaryOp unaryOp, Exp exp)
          Default constructor.

Uses of UnaryOp in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module with parameters of type UnaryOp
 IDoubleValue DefaultExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IDoubleValue value)
 IDoubleValue IExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IDoubleValue value)
 IFloatValue DefaultExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IFloatValue value)
 IFloatValue IExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IFloatValue value)
 IIntValue DefaultExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IIntValue value)
 IIntValue IExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IIntValue value)
 ILongValue DefaultExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, ILongValue value)
 ILongValue IExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, ILongValue value)
 IValue DefaultExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IValue value)
 IValue IExpEvaluator.evaluateUnaryOp(UnaryOp unop, IValue value)