Constant Field Values


public static final String LOGGING_ID "logging"
public static final String TYPE_CHECKING_ONLY_ID "typeCheckingOnly"

public static final String EXTENSION_LOG_NAME "bogor.extensions"
public static final String LOGGING_CONFIG_CLASS_PROPERTY_NAME "java.util.logging.config.class"
public static final String LOGGING_CONFIG_FILE_PROPERTY_NAME "java.util.logging.config.file"
public static final String OVERALL_LOG_NAME "bogor"

public static final String PROGRAM_NAME "TrailsViewer"

public static final int TYPE 100

public static final int TYPE_VAR_ARGS_KEY 1

public static final int CONSTANT_KEY 0

public static final int DEFAULT_ACTIVE_FSM_MULTIPLICITY 1

public static final char ILLEGAL_LOCAL_ID_CHAR 35

public static final String ACTION_RETURN "(EC-17) Action ext does not return a value"
public static final String CIRCULAR_EXTENSION "(EC-7) Circular extensions for \"{0}\": {1}"
public static final String CONFLICTING_INHERITED_FIELDS "(EC-26) Inherited fields {0} and {1} conflict"
public static final String EXPECTING_RETURN "(EC-15) Expecting a return value of type \"{0}\""
public static final String INVALID_ACTIVE "(EC-10) Invalid parameter(s) for the active thread \"{0}\""
public static final String INVALID_ACTIVE_CARDINALITY_EXP "(EC-20) Active thread \"{0}\" multiplicity expression must be const or literal"
public static final String INVALID_ACTIVE_CARDINALITY_NUM "(EC-21) Expected active thread \"{0}\" multiplicity at least {1}. Got {2}"
public static final String INVALID_ACTIVE_CARDINALITY_TYPE "(EC-19) Invalid active thread \"{0}\" multiplicity. Expecting {1}, got {2}"
public static final String INVALID_ARGS "(EC-14) Invalid number of arguments for {0}"
public static final String INVALID_FSM_APPLICATION "(EC-23) Invalid application of {0} \"{1}\" in side-effect-free context"
public static final String INVALID_INITIAL_VALUE "(EC-24) Initial variable value must be constant"
public static final String INVALID_RANGE "(EC-4) Invalid range \"{0}\" < \"{1}\""
public static final String INVALID_VIRTUAL "(EC-11) Incompatible return/parameter types of function \"{0}\" in virtual table \"{1}\""
public static final String INVALID_VIRTUAL_RECEIVER "(EC-12) No receiver type for function \"{0}\" in virtual table \"{1}\""
public static final String NO_ACTIVE "(EC-9) No active thread found"
public static final String NO_VIRTUAL_IMPL "(EC-18) Virtual table \"{0}\" without function implementation"
public static final String NOT_EXPECTING_RETURN "(EC-16) Not expecting a return value"
public static final String NUMBER_TOO_LARGE "(EC-25) Integer number too large: {0}"
public static final String REDECLARED_GLOBAL_ID "(EC-3) Redeclared identifier \"{0}\"; already used by {1} at line {2}, column {3}"
public static final String REDECLARED_ID "(EC-2) Redeclared {0} identifier \"{1}\""
public static final String RETURN_ASSIGN_GLOBAL "(EC-22) Invalid assignment of return value to global \"{0}\""
public static final String TOP_EXTENSION "(EC-5) Top record \"{0}\" extends record \"{1}\""
public static final String TOP_LENGTH "(EC-6) Reserved field name \"length\" for top record"
public static final String TYPE_MISMATCH "(EC-8) Type mismatch \"{0}\" for {1}"
public static final String UNCLOSED_VIRTUAL "(EC-13) Unclosed virtual table, missing cases for: {0}"
public static final String UNDECLARED_ID "(EC-1) Undeclared {0} identifier \"{1}\""

public static final String PREFIX "test"

protected static final String ANY_THROWABLE "ANY_THROWABLE"
protected static final String ATOMIC "Atomic"
protected static final String ATOMIC_CATCH_LOC_ID "atomicCatch"
protected static final String ATOMIC_CATCH_LOCAL_ID "atomicCatch$Local"
protected static final String BEGIN_ATOMIC "beginAtomic"
protected static final String END_ATOMIC "endAtomic"
protected static final String LOC "loc"
protected static final String TEMP_LOCAL "temp$"

public static final String BAD_FORMAT "Option {0}: expected {1}, got {2}"
public static final String CLASS_NOT_FOUND "Class not found: {0}"
public static final String COULDNT_INSTANTIATE "Couldn\'t instantiate ext module: {0}"
public static final String INACCESSIBLE_EXT_MODULE "Inaccessible ext module: {0}"
public static final String INTERFACE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED "Class {0} does not implement interface {1}"
public static final String INVALID_EXT_MOD "Invalid ext module: {0}"
public static final String METHOD_NOT_FOUND "Method not found: {0}"
public static final String MOD_NOT_FOUND "Ext module not found: {0}"
public static final String NO_CONFIG "Could not find configuration for {0}"
public static final String PLUGIN_CLASS_NOT_FOUND "No plugin capable of proving an instance of {0} found"
public static final String UNKNOWN_OPTION "Unknown option {0}"
public static final String WRONG_RETURN_TYPE "Expecting return type of {0}.{1} to be {2}"

public static final String BUNDLED_SCHEDULE_FILENAME "schedule.txt"
public static final String CONFIGURATION_CLASSNAME_FILENAME "bogor-configuration.classname"
public static final String CONFIGURATION_FILENAME "saved.bogor-conf"
protected static final String EXPAND_TRAILS_ID "expandTrails"
protected static final String GENERATE_TRAILS_ID "generateTrails"
protected static final String OVERRIDE_ID "override"
protected static final String TRAILS_EXT "trailsExt"

protected static final String ALL_AS_ERRORS_ID "allAsErrors"
protected static final String CHECK_BACKTRACK_ID "checkBacktrack"
protected static final String INVARIANTS_ID "invariants"
protected static final String MAX_DEPTH_ID "maxDepth"
protected static final String MAX_ERRORS_ID "maxErrors"
protected static final String MAX_INVISIBLE_MOVES_ID "maxInvisibleMoves"
protected static final String PRINT_COUNTER_EXAMPLES_ID "printCounterExamples"
protected static final String PRINT_STATUS_ID "printStatus"
protected static final String PRINT_VERBOSE_TRACE_ID "printVerboseTrace"
protected static final String TRAIL_EXT "bogor-trails"
protected static final String UPDATE_STATE_INCREMENT_ID "updateStateIncrement"
protected static final String UPDATE_TRANSITION_INCREMENT_ID "updateTransitionIncrement"
protected static final String WRITE_TRAIL_FILE_ID "writeTrailFile"

protected static final String INDENT " "
protected static final String LENGTH ".LENGTH"
protected static final String LOC_SEPARATOR "."

protected static final String ARITHMETIC_EXCEPTION_ID "arithmeticException"
protected static final String ARRAY_BOUNDS_EXCEPTION_ID "arrayBoundsException"
protected static final String CAST_EXCEPTION_ID "castException"
protected static final String MONITOR_EXCEPTION_ID "monitorException"
protected static final String NULL_EXCEPTION_ID "nullException"
protected static final String USE_LIVE_ID "useLive"

public static final String TRANSFORMATION_FILTER_ID "transformationFilters"

public static final int ASSERTION_FAILED_CODE 2
public static final int EXT_FAILED_CODE 5
public static final int ILL_FORMED_MODEL_CODE 0
public static final int INVALID_END_STATE_CODE 1
public static final int INVARIANT_VIOLATED_CODE 6
public static final int RANGE_EXCEPTION_CODE 4
public static final int UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION_CODE 3

public static final int EPSILON_THREAD -1
public static final String STATE_AUGMENTER_ID "stateAugmenters"

public static final boolean BREADTH_FIRST false
public static final boolean DEPTH_FIRST true
public static final boolean FOLLOW_TRANSIENTS false
public static final boolean PRUNE_TRANSIENTS true
public static final boolean SKIP_RECORD_LOCKS false
public static final boolean VISIT_RECORD_LOCKS true

protected static final String defaultValueFunction "createDefaultValue"

protected static final byte DOUBLE_TYPE 4
protected static final byte FLOAT_TYPE 3
protected static final byte INT_TYPE 1
protected static final byte LONG_TYPE 2
protected static final byte NON_PRIMITIVE_TYPE 6
protected static final byte PRIMITIVE_EXT_TYPE 5

protected static final byte DOUBLE_TYPE 4
protected static final byte FLOAT_TYPE 3
protected static final byte INT_TYPE 1
protected static final byte LONG_TYPE 2
protected static final byte NON_PRIMITIVE_TYPE 6
protected static final byte PRIMITIVE_EXT_TYPE 5

public static final int ACTIONDEF 72
public static final int ACTIVE 13
public static final int AND 116
public static final int ASSERT 38
public static final int ASSIGN 105
public static final int ASSUME 33
public static final int AT 15
public static final int ATOMIC 84
public static final int BANG 108
public static final int BIND 104
public static final int BIT_AND 126
public static final int BIT_OR 127
public static final int BIT_XOR 128
public static final int BOGORID 133
public static final int BOOLEAN 42
public static final int CATCH 28
public static final int CHARACTER_LITERAL 143
public static final int CHOOSE 90
public static final int COLON 109
public static final int COMMA 101
public static final int CONST 60
public static final int DECIMAL_LITERAL 137
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DIGIT 132
public static final int DO 14
public static final int DOT 102
public static final int DOUBLE 64
public static final int ELSE 89
public static final int ELSEIF 88
public static final int END 86
public static final int ENUM 21
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int EQ 111
public static final int EXCEPT 81
public static final int EXIT 26
public static final int EXPDEF 71
public static final int EXPONENT 141
public static final int EXTENDS 44
public static final int EXTENSION 70
public static final int FALSE 18
public static final int FLOAT 63
public static final int FLOATING_POINT_LITERAL 140
public static final int FOR 69
public static final int FORMAL_COMMENT 10
public static final int FUN 78
public static final int FUNCTION 46
public static final int GE 113
public static final int GOTO 24
public static final int GT 106
public static final int HASLOCK 41
public static final int HEX_LITERAL 138
public static final int HOOK 110
public static final int IF 87
public static final int IN 77
public static final int IN_FORMAL_COMMENT 2
public static final int IN_MULTI_LINE_COMMENT 3
public static final int IN_SINGLE_LINE_COMMENT 1
public static final int INSTANCEOF 55
public static final int INT 62
public static final int INTEGER_LITERAL 135
public static final int INVISIBLE 48
public static final int INVOKE 32
public static final int JAVAID 130
public static final int KINDOF 56
public static final int LAZY 75
public static final int LBRACE 96
public static final int LBRACKET 98
public static final int LDOTS 103
public static final int LE 112
public static final int LET 79
public static final int LETTER 131
public static final int LIVE 45
public static final int LOC 16
public static final int LOCK 20
public static final int LOCKAVAILABLE 53
public static final int LONG 65
public static final int LONG_LITERAL 136
public static final int LPAREN 94
public static final int LT 107
public static final int MAIN 22
public static final int MAP 122
public static final int MINUS 118
public static final int MULTI_LINE_COMMENT 11
public static final int NE 114
public static final int NEW 57
public static final int NOTIFY 40
public static final int NOTIFYALL 50
public static final int NULL 19
public static final int OCTAL_LITERAL 139
public static final int ON 76
public static final int OR 115
public static final int PLUS 117
public static final int PRINTLN 43
public static final int PTYPEDEF 74
public static final int RBRACE 97
public static final int RBRACKET 99
public static final int RECORD 30
public static final int REFLECT 93
public static final int REM 121
public static final int RETURN 37
public static final int RETURNS 36
public static final int RPAREN 95
public static final int SEMICOLON 100
public static final int SHL 123
public static final int SHR 124
public static final int SIGN 142
public static final int SINGLE_LINE_COMMENT 9
public static final int SKIPP 92
public static final int SLASH 120
public static final int STAR 119
public static final int START 54
public static final int STRING 134
public static final int STRINGKW 68
public static final int SYSTEM 35
public static final int THREAD 31
public static final int THREADTERMINATED 52
public static final int THROW 29
public static final int THROWABLE 47
public static final int TID 61
public static final int TOP 59
public static final int TRANSIENT 83
public static final int TRUE 17
public static final int TRY 91
public static final int TYPEALIAS 82
public static final int TYPEDEF 73
public static final int TYPEVARID 129
public static final int UNIT 80
public static final int UNLOCK 34
public static final int UNWAIT 39
public static final int USHR 125
public static final int VIRTUAL 58
public static final int VISIBLE 49
public static final int VOID 66
public static final int WAIT 25
public static final int WASNOTIFIED 51
public static final int WHEN 23
public static final int WHERE 27
public static final int WHILE 85
public static final int WRAP 67

public static final int UNUSABLE_TYPE_ID -1

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final int INVALID_LEXICAL_STATE 2
public static final int LEXICAL_ERROR 0
public static final int LOOP_DETECTED 3
public static final int STATIC_LEXER_ERROR 1