Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.value

Provides for Bogor values.


Interface Summary
IArrayValue Represents an array value.
IComparableNonPrimitiveExtValue An interface to indicate a comparable non-primitive extension value.
IComparablePrimitiveExtValue An interface to indicate a comparable primitive extension value.
IDoubleValue Represents a double value.
IExpASTValue Represents an exp AST value.
IExtValue Interface to define methods shared in common between primitive and nonprimitive extension values.
IFloatValue Represents a float value.
IIntegralValue Represents an integral value.
IIntValue Represents a boolean, integer, or ranged integer value.
ILockValue Represents a lock value.
ILongValue Represents a long value or a ranged long value.
INonPrimitiveExtValue Represents an instance of a new type declared through the extension mechanism.
INonPrimitiveExtValue.Field A data value contained inside the abstract datatype encapsulation of a INonPrimitiveExtValue.
INonPrimitiveValue Represents a non-primitive value.
INonPrimitiveValueIdTracker An interface for a tracker used to map non-primitive value to its value id.
INullValue Represents a null value.
IPrimitiveExtValue Represents a value of a primitive type extension.
IPrimitiveValue Represents a primitive value.
IRealValue Represents a real value.
IRecordValue Represents a record value.
IStringValue Represents a string value.
IValue Top level interface for values.
IValueArray This interface is used to provide methods for storing (an array of) values.
IValueComparator An interface for a value comparator.
IValueVisitorAction An interface for value visitor action when a value is visited.

Class Summary
DefaultArrayValue The default implementation of IArrayValue.
DefaultDoubleValue The default implementation of IDoubleValue.
DefaultExpASTValue The default implementation of IExpASTValue.
DefaultFloatValue The default implementation of IFloatValue.
DefaultIntValue The default implementation of IIntValue.
DefaultLockValue The default implementation of ILockValue.
DefaultLongValue The default implementation of ILongValue.
DefaultNullValue The default implementation of INullValue.
DefaultRecordValue The default implementation of IRecordValue.
DefaultStringValue The default implementation of IStringValue.
DefaultValueFactory The default implementation of IValueFactory.
UniformValueArray The default implementation of IValueArray
ValueVisitor A visitor pattern for values.
VariedValueArray The default implementation of IValueArray

Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.value Description

Provides for Bogor values.

Author: Robby