Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.type

Provides for Bogor types.


Class Summary
ArrayType Represents an array type.
BooleanType Represents the boolean type.
DoubleType Represents the int type.
EnumType Represents an enum type.
FloatType Represents the float type.
FunType Represents a functional type.
IntegralType Represents an integral type.
IntRangeType Represents an int range type.
IntType Represents the int type.
LockType Represents the lock type.
LongRangeType Represents an long range type.
LongType Represents the long type.
NonPrimitiveExtType Represents the non-primitive type extension type.
NonPrimitiveType Represents a non-primitive type.
NullType Represents the null type.
PrimitiveType Represents a primitive type.
PrimitiveTypeExtensionType Represents a primitive type extension type.
RealType Represents a real type.
RecordType Represents a record type.
StringType Represents the string type.
ThreadIdType Represents the thread id type.
Type Top level class of any type.
TypeExtensionType Represents a type extension type.
TypeFactory Provides a factory for types.
TypeVar Represents a type variable.
UnknownType Represents the unknown type.
VoidType Represents the void type.

Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.type Description

Provides for Bogor types.

Author: Robby