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Packages that use IntList
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module Provide a generic framework for dataflow analysis on BIR transition systems. 
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.state Provides for Bogor state. 

Uses of IntList in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module

Constructors in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module with parameters of type IntList
DefaultSchedulingStrategist.DefaultSchedulerStrategyInfo(IntList list)

Uses of IntList in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.state

Fields in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.state with type parameters of type IntList
protected  IntObjectTable<IntList> DefaultState.threadLocationStackMap
          Holds the mapping of thread id (int) to its location stack (TIntArrayList).
protected  IntObjectTable<IntList> DefaultState.threadTransformationIndexStackMap
          Holds the mapping of thread id (int) to its transformation index stack (TIntArrayList).