Uses of Interface

Packages that use IExpParent
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast Provides for Bogor input language AST. 

Uses of IExpParent in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast

Classes in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast that implement IExpParent
 class AbstractLocal
          AbstractLocal AST.
 class ApplyExp
          Apply exp AST.
 class ArrayAccessExp
          Array access exp AST.
 class AssertAction
          Assert action AST.
 class AssignAction
          Assign action AST.
 class AssumeAction
          Assume action AST.
 class AtomicExp
          Atomic exp AST.
 class BinaryExp
          Binary exp AST.
 class BlockTransformation
          Block transformation AST.
 class CastExp
          Cast exp AST.
 class ChooseStatement
          The choose statement AST.
 class ConditionalExp
          Binary exp AST.
 class Exp
          The top level class for exp AST.
 class ExpAction
          Exp action AST.
 class ExtExp
          Represents an action or an exp extension usage.
 class FieldAccessExp
          Field access exp AST.
 class FSM
          FSM AST.
 class IdExp
          Id exp AST.
 class IfStatement
          The if statement AST.
 class InitialValue
          An initial value of a local or global variable, along with an optional type coercion to make it compatible with the variable declaration.
 class InstanceofExp
          Instanceof exp AST.
 class InvokeAction
           Node for stand-alone function invocation used in high-level BIR.
 class InvokeExp
          Invoke exp AST.
 class InvokeTransformation
          Invoke transformation AST.
 class KindofExp
          Kindof exp AST.
 class LetExp
          Let exp AST.
 class LiteralExp
          Literal exp AST.
 class Local
 class LockAction
          Lock action AST.
 class LockTestExp
          Lock test exp AST.
 class LValueExp
          LHS interface used to indicate whether a class is an LHS or not.
 class NewArrayExp
          New array exp AST.
 class NewLockExp
          New lock exp AST.
 class NewRecordExp
          New record exp AST.
 class Param
          Formal parameter to a FSM definition.
 class ParenExp
          Parenthesis exp AST.
 class ReturnNextState
          Return next state AST
 class ReturnStatement
          The return statement AST.
 class SkipStatement
          The skip statement AST.
 class StartThreadExp
          Start thread AST.
 class ThreadTestExp
          Thread test exp AST.
 class ThrowAction
          Throw action AST.
 class Transformation
          Transformation AST.
 class UnaryExp
          Unary exp AST.
 class WhileStatement
          The while statement AST.

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast that return IExpParent
 IExpParent Exp.getParent()
          Gets the parent of this object.

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast with parameters of type IExpParent
 void Exp.setParent(IExpParent newParent)
          Sets the parent of this object.