Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast

Provides for Bogor input language AST.


Interface Summary
IActionParent The interface for an action parent AST.
IExpParent This interface is used to indicate a class that has Exp as one of its children.
IInitialValueParent Type description here.
ILiteralParent This interface is used to indicate a class that has Literal as one of its children.
INextStateParent This interface is used to indicate a class that has NextState as one of its children.
IStatementParent The top level interface for a statement's parent AST.
ITypedIdParent This interface is used to indicate a class that has TypedId as one of its children.
ITypeParent This interface is used to indicate a class that has ASTType as one of its children.
NumericallyNegatableLiteral Tagging interface used to indicate an AST node which stands for some literal (either from the Literal or Constant inheritance hierarchies) which contains a numerical value which could be negated.

Class Summary
AbstractLocal AbstractLocal AST.
Action The top level class for action AST.
ActionExtension Represents an action extension.
ActionStatement The action statement AST.
ApplyExp Apply exp AST.
ArrayAccessExp Array access exp AST.
AssertAction Assert action AST.
AssignAction Assign action AST.
AssumeAction Assume action AST.
ASTArrayType Array type AST.
ASTBooleanType Boolean type AST.
ASTDoubleType Double type AST.
ASTExtType Extension Type AST.
ASTFloatType Float type AST.
ASTFunType Functional type AST.
ASTIntRangeType Int range type AST.
ASTIntType Int type AST.
ASTLockType Lock type AST.
ASTLongRangeType Long range type AST.
ASTLongType Long type AST.
ASTStringType String type AST.
ASTThreadIdType Thread id type AST.
ASTType Top level class for type AST.
ASTVisitor This class provides a visitor pattern on the AST.
AtomicActionStatement The atomic (shorthand) action statement AST.
AtomicExp Atomic exp AST.
AtomicStatement The atomic statement AST.
BinaryExp Binary exp AST.
BlockStatement The block (sequence of statements) statement AST.
BlockTransformation Block transformation AST.
BooleanConstant Boolean constant AST.
BooleanLiteral Boolean literal AST.
CastExp Cast exp AST.
Catch Catch AST.
ChooseStatement The choose statement AST.
ConditionalExp Binary exp AST.
Constant The top level class for constant AST.
ConstantDefinition Constant definition AST.
Definition The top level class for definition AST.
DoubleConstant Double constant AST
DoubleLiteral Double literal AST
EnumDefinition Enum definition AST.
ExitThreadAction Assert action AST.
Exp The top level class for exp AST.
ExpAction Exp action AST.
ExpExtension Represents an exp extension.
Extension The top level class for extension AST.
ExtensionDefinition Extension definition AST.
ExtExp Represents an action or an exp extension usage.
Field Syntax tree node for field declarations inside a record type.
FieldAccessExp Field access exp AST.
FloatConstant Float constant AST
FloatLiteral Float literal AST
Fun Fun AST.
Global The top level class for global AST.
GotoNextState Goto next state AST
IdExp Id exp AST.
IdPrintArg Id print argument AST.
IdType Id type AST
IfStatement The if statement AST.
InitialValue An initial value of a local or global variable, along with an optional type coercion to make it compatible with the variable declaration.
InstanceofExp Instanceof exp AST.
IntConstant Int constant AST
IntLiteral Int literal AST
InvokeAction Node for stand-alone function invocation used in high-level BIR.
InvokeExp Invoke exp AST.
InvokeTransformation Invoke transformation AST.
KindofExp Kindof exp AST.
LetExp Let exp AST.
Literal The top level class for literal AST.
LiteralExp Literal exp AST.
LiveSet Live set AST.
Location Location AST.
LocationInfo This class is used to store location information in a file.
LockAction Lock action AST.
LockTestExp Lock test exp AST.
LongConstant Long constant AST
LongLiteral Long literal AST
LValueExp LHS interface used to indicate whether a class is an LHS or not.
NewArrayExp New array exp AST.
NewLockExp New lock exp AST.
NewRecordExp New record exp AST.
NextState The top level class for next state AST.
Node Top level class for any AST class.
NullLiteral Null literal AST
Param Formal parameter to a FSM definition.
ParenExp Parenthesis exp AST.
PrintAction Print action AST.
PrintArg The top level class for print argument AST.
RecordDefinition Record definition AST.
ReturnNextState Return next state AST
ReturnStatement The return statement AST.
SkipStatement The skip statement AST.
StartThreadExp Start thread AST.
Statement The top level class for statement AST.
StringConstant String constant AST
StringLiteral String literal AST
StringPrintArg String print argument AST.
System The compilation unit for a BIR document.
SystemMember Top level class for a system member AST.
ThreadTestExp Thread test exp AST.
ThrowAction Throw action AST.
Transformation Transformation AST.
TryCatchStatement The try-catch statement AST.
TypeAliasDefinition Type-alias declaration AST.
TypedId Typed id AST.
TypeExtension Represents a type extension.
UnaryExp Unary exp AST.
VirtualTableDefinition Virtual table definition AST.
WhileStatement The while statement AST.

Enum Summary
BinaryOp This class contains the definition of binary operators.
LockOp This class contains the definition of lock operators.
LockTestOp This class contains the definition of lock operators.
Radix Enumerated type to provide specific handling of numerical literals from various bases.
UnaryOp This class contains the definition of unary operators and binary operators.

Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast Description

Provides for Bogor input language AST.

Author: Robby