Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast.checker

Provides for Bogor AST checker.


Class Summary
Checker This class is the main class for BIR well-formed checker.
Checker.CheckValueResult Checks a value.
ConstIntExpEvaluator Utility class to evaluate a very simple "const" or literal integer expression.
ExpChecker This class is used to deduce the type of expressions.
LegalInitialValueChecker Type description here.
LiveSetChecker Install a calculated live variable set on any thread control point for which no liveset was explicitly written.
Messages This class stores all the error/warning messages related to the type checker.
StatementTerminaChecker Visitor to determine if every exiting branch from a statement eventually performs a return.

Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast.checker Description

Provides for Bogor AST checker.

Author: Robby