Package edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.ast.transform

Interface Summary
IExpCompiler An IExpCompiler provides an encapsulation of the logic to produce low-level BIR control point graphs which can evaluate nested, high-level BIR expressions.
ISystemTransformer Specification for modules to transform the syntax tree.
ITransformSystemResult Compound return value produced as a result of ISystemTransformer's sole operation.

Class Summary
DefaultTransformSystemResult Vanilla implementation.
ExpBindingResolver Hierarchical table to resolve the bindings used in let constructs.
HighToLowAtomicExpCompiler Compiler to produce code more efficient than HighToLowNonAtomicExpCompiler.
HighToLowBIRCompiler System transformer which convert a high-level, automatically sequenced statement-based FSMs into a low-level, location-based FSMs.
HighToLowNonAtomicExpCompiler Compiler to produce low-level BIR control points for evaluating expressions.