1.3. Installing Bogor

Bogor uses several software that are freely available for download:

The Bogor distribution includes the GNU Trove and JAXB libraries, thus, you do not need to download those libraries separately. You can download the Bogor distribution at the Bogor website .

The following installation instruction assumes that the user is using a Linux system with the JRE/JDK and the GTK2 toolkit installed. Suppose that you put the required files in a directory called DOWNLOADS, and that you want to install Eclipse at ECLIPSE_ROOT_DIR /eclipse. You can enter the following commands in a command shell to install Bogor and Eclipse:

jar xvf $DOWNLOADS/eclipse-SDK-3.1M3-linux-gtk.zip
jar xvf $DOWNLOADS/GEF-SDK-3.0.zip
cd eclipse/plugins
jar xvf $DOWNLOADS/bogor-bin-<VERSION>.jar
cd ..

Figure 1.4. Eclipse Screen Shot

Eclipse Screen Shot

Figure 1.4, “Eclipse Screen Shot” presents the Eclipse window after running the commands above. The Eclipse help contents provide excellent tutorials to get started using Eclipse (i.e., by accessing the Help->Help Contents menu item). You may need to set your browser preference in Eclipse before you are able to open the Eclipse help system (i.e., by accessing the Window->Preference menu item and then Help in the preference tree).