Uses of Class

Packages that use FloatType
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.value Provides for Bogor values. 
edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.type Provides for Bogor types. 

Uses of FloatType in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.value

Fields in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.value declared as FloatType
protected  FloatType DefaultFloatValue.type
          Holds the type of this float value.

Constructors in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.module.value with parameters of type FloatType
DefaultFloatValue(FloatType type, float f)
          Default constructor.

Uses of FloatType in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.type

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.projects.bogor.type that return FloatType
 FloatType TypeFactory.getFloatType()
          Gets a float type.